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Permanent active moulding

The permanent active polypropylene moulding is a patented concept, controlled by Veritas, both in its making and in its installation. It constitutes the structure for the Jean Desjoyaux swimming pool.
The permanent active moulding consists of:
- a front face, flat, with a coupled section intended to fit a liner that guarantees the tightness of the swimming pool.
- a back face consisting of pillars that are refilled with concrete in order to form an upper and lower hoop in the swimming pool.



  Your swimming pool is prepared in the factory with the shape and dimensions that you choose and it is delivered directly to the building site in pieces between 50 cm and 2 m long, whether they are straight or curved.
A technique that has for its main advantage the fact that it enables the building of the swimming pool bottom with any shape you wish.     Our concept simplifies to a maximum the building of the bottom, which once finished can be moved, is a lasting work and is under a 10 year guarantee.

Thanks to a clever procedure your swimming pool is built in 4 stages.

4 fitting-up stages and one week with the formula "ready to swim" suggested by our network, professionals with broad technical training who will be able to guide your choice and design your project with your own help.
The simplicity and reliability of our two base techniques: the permanent moulding and the filtration set will allow you to plan the setting up of your swimming pool with help of a Kit: "the plus service Kit", the "assisted Kit" or just "Kit" and the "Desjoyaux Kit can be ordered à la carte.


Filtration without piping
The Desjoyaux filtration system does not require buried piping, pieces to adjust, or building of a technical room, which makes it stand out for its simplicity.

Compared at the start with an outboard engine by its designer, Jean Desjoyaux, the filtration set, fitted as a trestle on the swimming pool bottom, prevents the danger of leakage and ice thanks to the absence of buried piping and avoids the building of a technical room.
The submerged front face integrates the skimmer, the active membrane (filtering bag), the impulsing nozzle and the projector.
On the back side, over the rim, there is the electric board with pump and connexion pipes.
The whole set is worked from the electric board, its installation is quick and needs to be done by a qualified electrician.


In order to keep the water crystalline

The filtration set can be equipped, if you wish, with undercurrent swimming intended for swimming training and hydrotherapy and also with heating system that will allow you to prolong the swimming season.
In the search for innovation we have developed a wide range of sizes, from 15 up to 50 m³ per hour, which suits all your wishes for beauty and comfort.

swimming pool
1600 m2 - Egipto

Mod. América
8 x 4 m
Oval shape

Mod. Benjamine,
The golden

for old stones

Swimming Pools
from 12 x 6 m

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools
10 x 5 m,
Roman step ladder
Mod. Quiberon,
For all year round

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